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Jalsa 50 days collection Records

Jalsa 50 days collection Records

For the first time in the history of south Indian cinema, ‘Jalsa’ was released in 1,000 screens across the world. It is the first Telugu film which had successfully completing 50 days in 282 centres, which is a record in Tollywood. It is the one and only Telugu film which had collected over Rs 42 crore in 50 days.

This figure proves the stamina of the Telugu film, at international level. One more interesting point to be noted here is that ‘Jalsa’ is the only film which had completed 50 days successfully in 21 centres in Krishna district alone and is getting record collections, which is an unbeatable record for the Krishna district. The film is the biggest-ever grosser in the 76-year-old Telugu film history.

Few of 6 Weeks Town Records

Thirupati -- 40,00,000
Chittoor -- 17,00,000
Eluru -- 31,00,000
Bheemavaram -- 18,50,000
Tanuku -- 20,00,000
Tadepalli Gudem -- 14,00,000
Jangareddy Gudem -- 13,50,000
Chinthalapudi – 5,25,000
Ganapavaram -- 8,00,000
Palakollu -- 15,00,000
Nidadavolu -- 7,00,000
Neeluru -- 36,00,000
Karnool -- 40,00,000
Kadapa -- 34,00,000
Kakinada -- 42,00,000
Rajamundry -- 38,00,000
Smarlakota -- 10,00,000
Mandapet -- 10,00,000
Pitapuram -- 12,00,000
Amalapuram -- 15,00,000
Vizag city -- 1,00,00,000 (City Record)
Khammam -- 25,40,000
Guntur -- 51,50,000
Gajuwaka -- 25,50,000
Karimnagar -- 36,00,000
Narsarao Pet -- 20,00,000
Macharla -- 6,70,000
Bobbili -- 12,20,000
Warangal -- 55,00,000
Ongole -- 21,70,000
Madanapalli -- 20 lacks (4weeks)

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jalsa 50 days record collections

Jalsa completed 50 days in 282 centres, world record, and got 42 crores in 50 days.it May cross 55 crores in 100 days.. wait and see.

Thursday, 15 May, 2008

jalsa free shows in USA

TOLLY 2 HOLLY Celebrating JALSA 50 Days in USA
For the First Time in the history of Overseas Telugu cinema, New Jersey and Altanta are the two centers where we are continuously screening for 50 days without any interruption.

On this special feat, Tolly 2 Holly is screening Free Shows in most of the Locations between MAY 17th and MAY 26th based on theater availability. Tickets are First Come First basis. See below for Free Show Listing.

TOLLY 2 HOLLY achieved following MILESTONES with JALSA

1) Screening of Premiers in 18 centers
2) 50 days screening at NEW JERSEY and ATLANTA
3) Highest First Week Grosser in Most of the centers
4) Highest Frist Week Viewers in Most of the centers.
5) Distributing JALSA Shields to our First Week Exhibitors.

Without the AUDIENCE and EXHIBITOR’s support, we never accomplished. Our Sincere and Special thanks to them.

In Regards, TOLLY 2 HOLLY distributing Free TOLLY2HOLLY DVD’s for Free shows in Few Centers while Stocks last.

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'Jalsa' Made Rs 40 Cr In 30 Days

'Jalsa' Made Rs 40 Cr In 30 Days
The new publicity is that Pawan Kalyan's 'Jalsa' made Rs 40 Cr collection in 30 days. The promotion activity with these figures is started today. The film has been with positive talk since the first day of its release. The success of audio pushed the expectations on a whole.

The combination craze and Pawan Kalyan's fan following made the film a success. This is the success for Pawan Kalyan after 'Khushi'. It has almost reached the records set by 'Pokiri' that collected huge collections so far in Tollywood History. Right now the collections of the film 'Jalsa' have dropped down from housefuls.

But 'Pokiri' ran with houseful collections even after 50days of its run.

endukante pokiri 400 theatres lo release ayyindi...jasa 1000 theatres lo release ayyindi....e rojullo movie ki entha hit talk vachina 50 days varuku continous fulls imposible becaz okka hyd lone jalsa 49 theatres lo release ayyindi....max people antha chusesaru...

1000 theatres
pokiri 1st week 9 crores jalsa 21
andhuke pokiri housefull ayyindhi

Wednesday, 23 April, 2008

3 weeks completed.....fans and anti fans must read....

3 weeks completed.....fans and anti fans must read
3 weeks completed.....inka enni rojulu kavallamma anti fans....1st day nunche film chudakundane cinema meeda anti talk teddamanukunnaru...mee pappulu emi vudakaledhu....

1st week 21 crores vachesariki anti fans ki kuda dimma tirigipoyindi....1st week anni chotla anni shows full avvadame kakunda heavy full record chesukundhi...appudu anti fans emannarante ugadi festival vachindi....piga chala gap tarvatha oka pedda cinema release ayyindi.....anduke fulls ayyayi annaru.....

2nd week complete ayyindi...32 crores collect chesindi.... 2nd week kuda maxmimum fulls....akkadakkada only morn shows drop ayyayi....edoka point pattali kada....anduke e morn shows meeda stretch chestu avi full avvaledhu film flop annadam modalupettesaru...kani matinee,1st show,2nd show full ayyayi....koncham musukunnaru....emina ante krishna kuda 2nd week full ayyindi antunnaru...ika maxmimum hype icharu kada inko week agandi...appudu chuddam ani anti fans annaru...

3rd week ipoyindhi...expecting around 37 crores....inka official ga release avvaledhu collections....anni chotla max collections...weekends lo 100% and weekdays lo kuda 80% full ayyayi...edoka point pattukovali kada mana anti fans.....ippuu emannarante sandhya lo full avvatledhu antunnaru....80% collections tho nadustundhi kada ani ante musuknnaru.....piga 3rd week lo kuda prasads lo 6 shows vesaru......e cinemalu levuga kada piga summer anduke antha collections vastunnayi....inko week agandi ...appudu jalsa collections drop ani anti fans comment....

idhi future->

4th week ipothadhi....max collections tho nadustadhi....kani antis emantaru inko week agandi appudu parugu release avutadhi...appudu chusukondi jalsa collections...

5th week ipothadhi....parugu release ina jalsa ki no effect....may lo summer holidays valla collections vastunnayi...anthe kani cinema lo emi ledhani antis antaru....

50 days ipothadhi.....edho 50 days nadichindi.....ochinay le collections....ika collect cheyyamanandi jalsa ni chuddam....ika 50 days tarvatha elagina collections
drop avuthayi…kani appudu kuda vadalru…collections drop ayyai ani happy feel avutharu…..ikkade vallu pillalam anipinchukendhi…..

evaru enni vagina em koothalu koosina jalsa rocks anthe..…

SOURCE::: $@$#@nk Jalsa @ ORKUT pawan fans official community

From this week more publicity for Jalsa

From this week more publicity for Jalsa
Powerstar Jalsa proved the biggest grosser of Telugu Cinema recent times
check out NTV TV9 ETV2 scorlling yesterday and today also

and today nunchi 2 new trailers add ayyai okati romantic one and other one is comedy one
and this weekend BRAHMANANDAM comedy program on Channels

and two CONCEPT BASED PROMOS GOING TO BE RUN IN GEMINI IN MAA TV and more things under pipe line ninna SET MAX LO sitham IPL match lo Jalsa songs vesadu thats the power of Jalsa and karo karo Jalsa malli malli choosi enjoy chesi collections penchndi inka :)

SOURCE: Pawan kalyan official community (orkut) :SKN

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Jalsa 2 weeks worldwide gross 32 crores, dream run at boxoffice continues

An official release from the production house Geetha Arts, states that the 2 weeks gross of the film is 32 crores. BoxOfficeMojo (read report) states that Jalsa’s 2nd week gross is nearly 2 million competing with the first week gross of the two big releases of this week – You, Me Aur Hum and Krazzy4. BOM puts Jalsa’s 2 week tally at $7.2 million. With the next set of big releases nearly 3 weeks away the audience, distributors, megafans and producer are doing ‘Jalsa’ big time.

Jalsa 2 weeks worldwide gross 32 crores, dream run at boxoffice continues

With no competition in sight coupled by the movie’s craze and summer season, Jalsa’s doesn’t budge from the top spot at boxoffice. Reports from Sify ( read report ) from Chennai state that the movie which opened with 6 screens claimed the number two spot in the city. Says Meenakshi Sundaram of Mayajaal: "For the first time for a non Tamil film we are having six shows daily, due to the pressure for tickets." The movie is still going housefuls in Movieland and PVR Kormangla in Bangalore.

In Hyderabad too, the movie is strong in collections with the drastic reduction in theatres. Instead of getting similar gross and lower shares by having more theatres, the distributors reduced the screen count to get higher shares from each screen. The movie reached the 8-crore share mark in Nizam territory, 3.75 crores away from being the highest grosser in that circuit. In the second week in Utthar Andhra, the movie collected nearly 1 crore sharing, taking its two week total gross to 2.75 crore and share to 2.35 crores. The two weeks share in Guntur is 1.66 crores. The movie amassed a share of 1.52 crores for the second week in Krishna district. Inspite of mixed reviews, the movie had a very strong opening from the first weekend itself in the overseas territory. The movie is closing in on Bommarillu and Pokiri which share the No.1 spot in different centers. If the second run of the movie too gets a good response, Jalsa is most likely to be the highest grosser in the overseas market too

76 years telugu cine industry chetralo first time 15 days ki 32crores gross...!!!
e week worDl box office lo 2nd week top 20 lo(16th place) lo vuna the only indian film...!!!
previous records ni 30%+ margin tho break chesthuna collection tsunami "jalsa"
NIZAM 14 days ki 8 crores share chesi ALL TIME INDUSTRY RECORD "JALSA"...!!!
UTTARANDRA 14days ki 2 crores 35 lakhs+ share sadinchi box office ni shake chesthuna "JALSA"...!!!
KRISHNA JILLA 1 crore 52 lakhs ALL TIME RECORD....!!!
GUNTUR lo 1 crore 66 lakhs ALL TIME RECORD...!!!
OVERSEAS 1 crore 70 lakhs+ share "ALL TIME OVESEASE RECORD" create chesi na "JALSA"....!!!

Friday, 18 April, 2008

Pawan is making Magic at the boxoffice..... Even after 2nd week the collections were strong and breaking all the previous records. jalsa 2 weeks

Pawan is making Magic at the boxoffice.....

Even after 2nd week the collections were strong and breaking all the previous records.

jalsa 2 weeks worldwide gross is 32 crores and still in the list of international box office charts.

Reports from Sify from Chennai state that the movie which opened with 6 screens claimed the number two spot in the city. Says Meenakshi Sundaram of Mayajaal: "For the first time for a non Tamil film we are having six shows daily, due to the pressure for tickets." The movie is still going housefuls in Movieland and PVR Kormangla in Bangalore...

Let's wish this tsunami continues .............

Jalsa World Record Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa stood stood 9th place at the world Box office with its collection of first week. The film has collected

Jalsa World Record

Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa stood stood 9th place at the world Box office with its collection of first week. The film has collected Rs21 crores in the first week run. Allu Arvind has organized Press meet to inform this today evening in Hyderabad.1. Jalsa stood 9th place at world Box office.2. 1.15 Crores watched the film in the first week

3. The film has collected Rs21 Crores in the first week- a record in Tollywood.

4. Box office Majo- has conducted a survey worldwide and published in their magazine that Jalsa is the 9th highest Gross collector in the world, in the first week of its release.

5. First time A Telugu film Jalsa got the place in the world box office.

Pawan Kalyan's Latest flick "Jalsa " is Making and Breaking Every Record.

Jalsa broke SIVAJI's Overseas Record in the 1st Week itself.

Jalsa 1ST week collections in overseas is $4,601,562 ( 18 CRORES in indian currency )worldwide. In India it is 20 Crores .

Sivaji 1ST week collections in overseasis $1,324,861 ( 5 CRORES in indian currency )worldwide.

More Detailed Box Office Record of SIVAJI's Collections : CLICK HERE

For More Detailed Box Office Record of JALSA's Collections : CLICK HERE

Jalsa is ranked 9th in the entire overseas Box Officein 1st week .
Sivaji is ranked 15th in the entire overseas Box Office in 1st week

Lets See Whats Next................

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JALSA on Celluloid

JALSA on Celluloid

With the unbelievable openings and tremendous response all over the world for the movie Jalsa. PK proves once again that his power at Box-Office still remains as strong as ever in spite of a series of failures prior to ‘JALSA’. After a very long time PK fans are celebrating and having Jalsa of their own with their hero finally delivering a decent hit.

Now that the test series is over, every cricket lover in India would be eagerly looking forward for IPL to take off in less than a week. Though SRK was unhappy over the sales of tickets for Kolkata Tigers and vented his feelings publicly, I am sure he will be pleased and won’t regret for being the owner of a franchise, by the time IPL league championship will have a winner. Anyway more of IPL in coming weeks and for the time being lets get back to Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa.

Saying that I am passionate about the movies and keeping myself quite about the movie ‘Jalsa’ is like saying that I am engaged and staying as bachelor forever. So let me also jump into the Bandwagon of JALSA analysts. Since the release of ‘Jalsa’ I happen to hear and overhear several opinions from various sections of the cinema loving public and the essence of the reactions from different demographics can be summarized as below.

From a hardcore PK fan - the movie rocks, songs are superb, PK’s comedy timing and body language is brilliant and this movie will shatter all records in Telugu film history. PK got blended into the character very well. Fights and Comedy are Keka…. Songs lo PK Kummesaadu….Romantic scenes lo yiraga deesadu... moththaaniki Cinema is mind-blowing

From an admirer of PK - this is PK’s best movie since 'Kushi' and a thorough entertainer. PK looks very handsome and very energetic through out the movie. But songs are not picturized well enough to show PK’s high energy levels. PK’s timing in throwing the words like ‘Bujji Pranav’, ‘Bharistha Annavugaa Bharinchu’, ‘Nenu Chaala Hot Guru’,’ Nenu Kooda Margadarsi Lo Chera’, ‘Tonnula kodhdhee Bhayaannisthaa’ was impeccable. But his action is similar to most of his earlier movies and no attempts were made to show any variations and that makes it an average movie which can be enjoyed on scene by scene basis rather than a movie as a whole. PK’s Tholi Prema still stands as his best movie ever with ‘Johnny’ as his second best.

From those with whom PK’s style doesn’t go well - It appears as if PK has not learnt from his past mistakes. He sticks to the same stereotype body language and dialogue delivery that he has been showing since ‘Badri’ and fails to recognize it’s the script that should be the hero and not the character. The movie will be a disappointment as per PK’s standards and did not live up to the high expectations that preceded the release. Songs are good for listening but not appealing on screen.

From an admirer of Trivikram - Trivikram is brilliant in narrating the story and his comedy punch lines are superb. His master stroke of getting Mahesh Babu to give the voiceover helped the movie. He has shown Ileana in a totally different getup and characterization from her previous movies and gave her a scope to excel in acting. The scene in which she offers a ‘drink’ to PK and also the scene where she says ‘Vaalaga antey’, smiling with eyes and using the technique against PK are superbly conceived. Choosing Colors Swathi to give dubbing for Ileana has really worked well. Scenes between Prakash Raj & PK are superbly handled. Placement of Title song left a lot to be desired and so does the follow-up of PK’s powerful and emotional outburst as interval’s parting scene. Dharmavarapu, Sunil & Ileana comedy episode was really novel and had the desired effect on the audiences, though Brahmanandam & Ali were not used properly. Overall, the movie did not have the stamp of the director that was seen all over his previous film ‘Athadu’. Some scenes which were lifts from other movies were not handled well… for instance the Potlakaaya allergy episode, which is a straight lift from the movie Hitch….did not bring enough laughter in the theatre. There were many noticeable flaws in screenplay and the major one being - Mukesh Rishi ordering his goons too get every detail about PK in one of the scenes and then saying that he let PK go several times prior to PK sending his son to coma. If he knew all the way about PK's steps how come he orders his goons to go and find out his entire history that he knew all along right from the time PK loses his parents.

From an admirer of Devi Sri Prasad’s music - All songs are very well composed and carry a flavor of youth. The music is trendy and very peppy and the tunes of all songs are catchy and instantly hummable. Background score for the movie is really great. Letting Baba Sehgal sing the title song is a great move, though his choices of singers for some songs continue to disappoint. ‘My Heart is beating’ is a great melody. ‘Chalore Chalore Chal’ song was composed really well keeping the naxal background in view. ‘Jennifer Lopez Sketch Geesinattuga’ song has become a rage among youth.

From those who worship Ileana – Ileana looked very pretty and sensuous with cute expressions and for the first time her acting skills were exploited to the full extent than her skin show. She looked gorgeous in the song ‘My heart is beating’. Her action after Parvathi Melton reveals she wears glasses is brilliant …

From those who liked Parvathi Melton or Kamalini in their earlier movies - Parvathi Melton sizzled, especially in the song ‘Jennifer Lopez sketchu’. She completely overshadowed Ileana in showing the glamour quotient. Kamalini makes a brief appearance and fails to leave any significant mark, though she looked as homely as ever.

From an admirer of Sirivennela - For the first time Sastry gaaru deviated from his hallmark style of expressing ‘bhaavam’ by resorting to pen lyrics sprinkling lot of English and Hindi words liberally to make them sound trendy. But the title song definitely misses his quality with the use of some words repetitively to go with praasa rather than bhaasha… Baba Sehgal wrote some sentences of title song and his massage of song gone beyond that. But ‘You and I’, ‘Chalore Chalore Chal’ songs bear his inimitable style. ‘You and I’ song even though had many English words they were placed in a meaningful way and reminded his other such songs of 80s & 90s - ‘Botany Class Vundhi’ from ‘Shiva’, Neeru gaari paaripoku from ‘Chettu kindha Pleadaru’.

From those who watch movies for comedy and entertainment - There is plenty of it. Sunil/Dharmavarapu/Ileana comedy of 10 seconds thondara/late is rib-cracking. Brahmanandam as usual evokes laughter the moment he makes his entry into the movie with Prakash Raj uttering the dialogues like Naser does in the movie Pokiri. The scenes between PK & Brahmanandam are terrific. PK himself excelled in all comedy episodes which occupy almost 80% of the movie.

From those who don’t watch movies on a regular basis and also don’t give a damn to who are involved in the movie or whether it’s a hit or flop as long as it is a good movie - The movie did test the patience of audience several times… comedy during Naxal episode, Punaraavaasam theesukunna naxalite mandhu koduthoo Janalnee koduthoo Jalsa cheyyadam…. For nobody’s fault the hero getting annoyed against society… weak characterization of PK and haphazard narration of the story through out the movie... Parugeththe ammayini repu chesthe baaguntundhanadam... I love you ani cheppina ammayiki asandharbha prelaapanatho lecture ivvadam.... PK’s action in the scene after meeting Prakash Raj as a politician giving an interview to Reporters vagairaalu… in the name of comedy are some of the examples.

Finally, as far as my personal opinion is concerned I concur with one of my aunts. She always tells me whenever I ask her why she hardly misses seeing a movie that gets released….. “For the production of every movie … crores of rupees and hundreds of days are spent by the Film crew whereas we will be spending just a couple of hours and not more than hundred rupees, what’s wrong in watching it? “ .

So watch it once and if you like it go and watch again and if you don’t like it you have the option of either forgetting it or watching it again to find out why you did not like it.

I have already seen the movie twice and I might watch it couple of times more before the movie completes its run in theatres. And I will definitely buy the DVD whenever it comes into the market to watch some scenes and couple of songs again and again.

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Jalsa collects 21.09 crores in 1st week

Total Number of patrons watched the film in 1st week - 1,17,00,000

Jalsa collects 21.09 crores in 1st week . here is the break up - S No Area Total gross collections
1 Nizam 7,27,95,709
2 Ceded 3,05,50,000
3 Uttarandhra (Vizag) 1,59,33,344
4 Guntur 1,50,40,387
5 Krishna 1,42,76,240
6 East G 1,03,80,276
7 West G 89,41,000
8 Nellore 68,65,000
9 Karnataka 1,16,00,000
10 Overseas 1,45,00,000
11 Rest of india 66,00,000
Total - 21,09,81,950
Note: These figures are provided by the production house Geeta Arts.

Friday, 11 April, 2008

Jalsa first week collections --22 crores

first week collections --22 crores

Much talked about movie of the Year Jalsa collected 6.5 crores share in Nizam area and 1.2 Crores share in Krishna District in the first week. The previous record in Nizam is 4.5 crores. We got this information from a reliable source from RP road where most of the distribution business happens.

Still, there is no official announcement from the producers, as the movie is released on Wednesday, first week will be calculated as 9 days in Nizam area and 7 days in all the remaining areas. So, by today the movie completed 9 days and hopefully producer Allu Arvind may come up with the exact figures.

As per industry sources, Jalsa collected a record share of 20 crores in it’s first week. This shows the stamina of Pawan Kalyan. Eventhough Jalsa got mixed talk,the collections are steady in most of the areas.

Monday, 7 April, 2008

Jalsa collected 7.67 crores n 1st day. here is the break up -

Jalsa collected 7.67 crores n 1st day. here is the break up -
S No Area Collections
1 Nizam 1,84,50,000
2 Ceded 1,35,75,000
3 Uttarandhra (Vizag) 92,00,000
4 Guntur 56,00,000
5 Krishna 55,00,000
6 East G 60,00,000
7 West G 40,00,000
8 Nellore 48,00,000
9 Karnataka 32,00,000
10 Overseas 36,00,000
11 Rest of india 21,00,000


First day, First show…I was initially apprehensive about going to Pavan Kalyan’s movie as I did not have any particular opinion about him and moreover there were the crazy fan associations to think of. But finally we landed at the theatre totally enticed by Devi’s rocking tunes. The cool songs and energetic beats had me wishing to check out the picturization as soon as possible and BOY, it sure was awesome. Trivikram, the director truly knows how to captivate his audience. In this movie we have Pavan jiving with 3 dames and bashing up villains with equal ease.

So starting off with the hero- Pavan excels in his role of an ex-naxalite who’s trying to lead a normal life and u’ve got to believe he actually has 3 degrees in the flick!!! He underplays his character and the story gives him optimum space to showcase varied emotions (after many days you actually get to see his acting prowess). The comedy scenes featuring him, Prakash Raj and Brahmanandam are the highlights.

You also get to see trivikram’s trademark fights (with the villains oozing blood at every possible opportunity) and the punch lines are perfect. Kaamalinee Mukherji features in a short cameo as pavan’s first love and she looks really cute. Parvati Melton doesn’t have much to do either but she does look sophisticated and suave. The toast of the movie is Ileana. This girl from Goa gets a very decent role and she manages to look innocent and sexy at the same time. Her habit of ‘being 10secs late every time’ is funny and her expressions and acting sure have improved a lot.

The music is another thing to rant and rave about- Devi has definitely matched up to his previous superhit audios like bommarillu and varsham. He gives us very fresh and fun songs and u’ll find urself humming them in no time. There are no double entendres and it’s nice to see that there haven’t been too many censor cuts either. The climax actually comes as a surprise and those who expect a dhamaka fight in the end could be disappointed. Mahesh babu’s voiceover suits the entire situation especially when there are any intense scenes. So he probably could take up this job too.

I wouldn’t like to reveal the story line as the movie has released only today and any spills could spoil the enjoyment.

It’s a movie worth watching with the whole family and I can still find myself recalling some of the dialogues and laughing out loud. Go watch it and have fun. It’s not always that u get to watch 3 heroines with one hero in a clean entertainer!!!

Jeevi review

Jeevi rating: 3/5
Punchline: more comedy. mere content
Genre: Love/Action
Type: Straight
Banner: Geeta Arts

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Ileana, Parvati Melton, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Prakash Raj, Mukesh Rishi, Sivaji, Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil, Dharmavarapu

Music: Devi Srii Prasad
Cinematography: Guhan & Rasool Ellore
Lyrics: Sirivennela, Bhaskarabhatla & Ramajogaiah Sastri
Action: Vijay
Editing: Srikar Prasad
Dialogues - story -screenplay – direction: Trivikram
Producer: Allu Arvind
Release date: 2 April 2008



Jalsa Sanjay Sahu (Pawan Kalyan) is a happy-go-lucky type youth. Bhagyamati (Ileana) falls in love with him and Sanjay accepts her proposal after waiting for a while. Meanwhile, the men of Damodara Reddy (Mukesh Rishi) -a factionist operating from a jail - keep hunting for Sanjay Sahu. The rest of the story is all about why Damodar Reddy is after Sanjay and how Sanjay reacts to it.

Artists Performance

Jalsa Pawan Kalyan: Pavan Kalyan is extremely energetic as Sanjay Sahu. He did fresh dialogue modulation to create good humor. Everybody had a doubt about Pawan Kalyan performing to the Trivikram's punches and I must say that Pawan Kalyan excelled in getting the Trivikram dialogues right. He did not mind uttering satire on his 'pulla kallu'. He also did fights really well. Pawan Kalyan is looking dashing in Che Guevera get-up during his naxalite days.

Mahesh Babu: Mahesh Babu should be commended for giving voiceover to the narration of the film. It is a very good gesture by Mahesh Babu and this kind of culture augurs well for the Telugu film industry. Mahesh Babu did it in his usual style with an undercurrent wit.

JalsaHeroines: Ileana did the role of confused and dumb girl. She is alright. It is a passive role for such a vivacious actress like Ileana. Parvati Melton is sexy to the extent that she dominated Ileana in all the scenes where they were together. Kamalinee Mukherjee did a cameo and she is good. Actor Sivaji did a small role.

Others: Brahmanandam will have you in splits again in the second half of this film for some time. Mukesh Rishi is very good as a villain with a different get-up. Prakash Raj is ok as the father of the heroine. Sunil is nice. Ali and Dharmavarapu are adequate.

Technical Departments:

JalsaStory - screenplay - direction: The basic storyline of the film is wafer-thin. It is a love story of a reformed naxalite who is forced to confront a bad man. Trivikram excelled in dialogue department and penned many episodes catering to comedy segment. But as a script writer, he failed to do justice to the texture of the film. The film is pretty neat in terms of the comedy department. But he could not fix the narrative into any one particular genre. The screenplay should have been better. The director who made hero reveal about his downtrodden past and social commitment through the dialogues before interval could not match it with the characterization of hero in the second half. Trivikram did very good in technical aspects in terms of sets, camera angle etc.

The following scenes are pretty impressive:

1. Pawan Kalyan antics while meeting Prakash Raj with proposal for twice.
2. Pawan Kalyan splitting milk with Brahmanandam
3. Pawan Kalyan giving 10 rupees note to Brahmanandam. (best comedy thread in the entire film)

The following scenes seem to have got inspired by some other films

1. Mukesh Rishi calling off hero assassination at the last minute (Bill calling Elle Driver back when she is about to inject poison in the body of Uma Thurman)
2. Pawan Kalyan – Prakash Raj jungle episode (Noman's land and Kabul Express)
3. Sivaji's food allergy (Hitch film)

JalsaOther departments: Dialogues are superb. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is very good. Background score is also nice. All the songs are picturized in an attractive manner. However, Jennifer Lopez song appears to have been inserted just for the sake of Parvati Melton. Jalsa title song is placed during the climax of the film instead of the beginning. Cinematography is very good. Editing is cool. Fights are composed well. Production values of the film are extravagant.

JalsaAnalysis: First half of the film is packed with nice entertainment though there is no story. The second half should have been better. The plus points of the film are Pawan Kalyan, hilarious dialogues and rich technical values. The negative points are screenplay, naxalite element and excessive runtime. There is no justification to the title 'Jalsa'. On a whole, you may consider watching Jalsa for the comedy episodes in the film.

Tuesday, 1 April, 2008



movie superrrrrrrrrrrr.
1st half keka..in 2nd pawan kalyan's character as naxalite is gud..
comedy excellent...fights and songs ok..

movie starts with mahesh babu's voice..
3 songs and 2 fights in first half...
director trivikram's punch dialogue's are highlite...
example.."in one scene prakash raj insults pawan..
prakash::nuvvu antha kalipi 3000 kuda sampadinchavu.
na alludu lakshallo sampadisthadu..anduko koti rupayalu katnam ichi na kuthuru pelli chesthunna..
pavan::aa koti rupayulu nakey ivvu..neeku nelaku 3 lacs adayam ga sampadinchi isthanu"""
ilanti punch dialogues chala vunnayi...


pawan and kamalni are lovers..kamalni's father prakash raj will insult him and marries kamalni to a software engineer..pawan will go and present a flower in tht marriage..knowing this matter he will start drinking...prathiroju thaguthu life jalsa chesthadu..
illeana and parvathi are gud frnds.. they both love pawan ..parvathi expresses her love to pawan...pawan rejects...illeana matram vadalakunda premisthundi..the scenes between pavan and illeana are excellent..both of them fall in love..
illeana takes pawan to her house..illeana father ayna prakash ni chusi pawan shock avuthadu..
mukesh rushi mafia leader ga baga chesadu..thanu jail ku velthu pawan gurinchi enquiry cheyyamantadu.
ali's character in this movie is gud..he will be murdered by mukesh gang..then pawan thanento cheppadaniki basha style lo flash back chepthadu...chinnapatininudu social service chesevadani..after tht he joins in naxals..then comes the song chalorte chalore..prakash raj is police officer..naxals ni pattukodaniki vasthadu..pawan gurinchi thelusukuntadu..illeana ki thelisi upset avvudhi...then pawan convices her with jenifer lopez song..then pawan ,praksh raj ni kidnap chesthadu...
what next...
migatha story kosam u have to watch the movie..

climax kushi style lo vuntadi..
brahmanadam and sunil comedy is excellent
screenplay is gud..
phtotography is excellent..
pawan slim ga stylish ga chala bagunnadu..
illeana is too gud..#

first half is excellent..2nd half kastha dull but overall ga very gud movie...
rating 4/5...


Jalsa: Report from an insider

Jalsa: Report from an insider
Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram teamed up for the first time with the film Jalsa. Trivikram never worked with Pawan in the past as a writer too. Trivikram who is known for writing suitable characterizations for any given hero managed to deliver hits with small time heroes like Tarun and Venu too.
He penned beautiful characters for star heroes Nag, Venky, Mahesh etc and now for the first time he has worked with Pawan Kalyan. Actually, Trivikram dreamt of directing Pawan Kalyan and approached him with a storyline. Pawan was impressed with it and asked him to develop the line. Hence Jalsa happened.
It is reliably learnt that in Jalsa Pawan Kalyan has done a lively character like in his earlier films Tammudu and Kushi, and there is also a surprise element added to it. “This entire episode in which Pawan is seen in a different role will be the highlight of Jalsa” said a close person from the unit.
He contradicted with the rumors spreading about the story of Jalsa and made it clear that it will be a fun ride all through the film. He believes that second half of the film is the best part and also stated that the climax will be the highlight of the film.
So, don’t believe in all those rumors that are being spread and wait till tmrw mrng, Pawan Kalyan is all set to do Jalsa this summer.

Jalsa: Deleted scenes story

Jalsa: Deleted scenes story
“Length”, this has become a usual problem for every film these days. Though the director likes some scene or sequence at the script level he has to sacrifice some of those at the editing table.
Any film, be it good or bad it should never cross the 2.5 hour screen time. Anything exceeding this mark will test the audience patience. Therefore, the makers sacrifice some of the canned scenes for the benefit of commercial value.
Jalsa, the most awaited film of the season also faced these sweet problems with the length. As a result, the film crew decided to delete some of the scenes. According to an insider the deleted scenes are really good too. “On account of the length problems we had to sacrifice some genuinely funny scenes and some very neatly canned ones. I assure you if the audience has the patience to sit for all that time that scenes also will entertain them to the core”, he said.
“If the deleted scenes are that good then guess what’s the range of scenes that are in the film now”, he added.
Well, that itself tells the story, isn’t it?

Jalsa: Special screening for mega star!

Jalsa: Special screening for mega star!
We are keeping up our promise with you about giving you the latest updates on 'Jalsa'.
The latest story that has just emerged on the 'Jalsa' front is that there is special screening of this film for none other than the mega star Chiru's family.
The film is being screened at the Prasad Labs right now as I am writing this news. The entire unit of 'Jalsa' will be immensely happy if they receive a personal feedback from the mega star himself. And by the looks 'Jalsa' sure seems to impress Chiranjeevi.
The entertainment wing of Reliance Group 'Ad Labs' is inaugrating their multiplex theaters today and 'Jalsa' is being screened as the first movie in them. That is yet another memorable event!
With everything regarding the film being done to perfection we expect the film to do wonders at the box office.
We wish the entire 'Jalsa' team a huge success and hope that they make good business at the box office!

Jalsa's tour of India

Jalsa's tour of India
'Jalsa' with its release tomorrow is keeping all the media channels on its feet with news pouring in every minute. The film is being released in 51 theaters with very high stakes on success. This is the first time ever a film is going to be released at this magnitude in Hyderabad.
We just an hour back gave you news about Jalsa releasing abroad with 18 prints. We also bring you a list of the theaters across India that will show 'Jalsa'
What we have below is a list of the theatres in the major cities across India where 'Jalsa' will start playing from tomorrow.
Here is the list of theaters in India outside AP in which Jalsa film is releasing

Mumbai Circuit
01 Mulund PVR Cinemas
02 Bhiwandi Asish
03 Sion Cinemax
04 Malad Fame Multiplex
05 Dadar Fame Multiplex
06 Dombivali Tilak
07 Borivli Diamond
08 Thane Vandana
09 Boisar KT Vision
10 Sholapur Lakshmi Narayana
Delhi Region
01 Gurgaon PVR Cinemas
Orissa Circuit
01 Parlakimidi Sri Krishna
02 Bahrampur Siva Deluxe
Tamil Nadu region
01 Chennai Satyam complex
02 Chennai INOX
03 Chennai Sangam
04 Chennai Mayazal
05 Amabttore, Chennai Thirumarugan
06 Vellore Raghavendra
07 Tiruttani Mini Golden
08 Coimbattore KG Complex

Jalsa's journey abroad!

Jalsa's journey abroad!
With not even 24 hours remaining for the most awaited film of the year in Tollywood to hit the theatres, we have news stories flying left and right about the details of the film.
With all the news that has hit the news stands so far 'Jalsa' story tops the list in the number of stories as well as the amount of people going through it.
The latest on the 'Jalsa' front is that the prints of this Pawan Kalyan flick has been dispatched abroad and in a few hours from now will be landing in the US to meet the Telugu audience there. This is a first of its kind achievement for a film of Pawan Kalyan. The prints will land in the Newyark Airport, New Jersey. The film will release in the US with 18 prints.
This much-hyped film directed by Trivikram has Pawan Kalyan essaying the hero's role. The music of Devi Shri Prasad lilts through out the film. The entire team is thrilled on the eve of release and by this time tomorrow we will know about the first impact that 'Jalsa' makes with the audience.
Come back here for the latest updates on 'Jalsa-The Movie'!

'Jalsa': Unbelievable political support!

'Jalsa': Unbelievable political support!

Well so much has been heard and discussed regarding the filming part as well as the release of Pawan Kalyan's 'Jalsa'. But what we have right now is a news that is simply unbelievable. We have reports pouring in from various sources that politically influential people as well as local party leaders are trying their best book theatres for the film.
Yes, you heard it right!
We have reports suggesting that two rival groups in Vijayawada and flexing their muscles and on a stiff competition, competing to make this film a super hit. The reason behind all this hue and cry is of course the announcement of mega star Chiranjeevi's entry into politics. Reports indicate that both these groups have a majority of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan fans. 'Jalsa' will be released across Vijayawada in 15 theatres, and whether you believe it out not, one major theatre has been blocked for a week in advance by a member belonging to the East-Vijayawada legislative assembly.
In Guntur it is an altogether different story. It seems the fans are making truce with the political party menbers for providing them with tickets because many of the theatres have been blocked by party heads for the first week. Truly it is a mixed feeling regarding the release of 'Jalsa'. We are not sure whether to be happy that the movie is attracting so much popularity ahead of its release, or condemn all those party people who have booked theatres instead of tickets are are causing trouble for the local people of the state.
Directed by Trivikram and produced by Allu Aravind this film has Pawan kalyan as the hero with three heroines in Ileana, Parvathi Melton and Kamalini Mukherjee.
Since it is now confirmed news that 'Jalsa' will be released tomorrow, April 2, let us see who gets to see the film first, the politicians, the fans or both!

Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

Jalsa New Records.

Jalsa New Records.

1. Jalsa Music release function was broadcasted by 4 Telugu TV channels and recorded 27.95 TRP rating and bagged Record breaking film event.
2. 35 lakhs units of audio cassettes were sold in the first week of audio release.
3. 2 lakhs caller tunes downloaded.
4. Jalsa songs broadcasted 64 times every day in FM Radio.(34 times was the old record)
5. First time, Jalsa Standees placed in various towns and cities of AP.
6. Jalsa mobile and online game launched.

Jalsa film postponed

The reason for Delay in Jalsa release?

The much anticipated flick Jalsa of Pawan Kalyan has been postponed by a week days. The film is likely to be released on 2nd April instead of 28th March.

Technical reasons are the reason for this delay in release.

In the process of film processing, they grade the film and then subject it to DI (Degital intermediate) for better color effects.

The first half of the movie is well completed but the second part grading was not done as for the satisfaction of producer. So Arvind who made the film by spending huge budget of Rs28 crores is not in hurry to release the film without the quality that he wanted. So he wants the second half of the film to be regarded for the better color effects. This may take couple of more days to complete the work.

The film is releasing on 2nd April.

Jalsa- Sanjay Sahu’s role reflects Pawan’s real life?

Jalsa- Sanjay Sahu’s role reflects Pawan’s real life?

Pawan Kalyan himself stated that his character Sanjay Sahu in the current film Jalsa is more close to his real life, and that made him to work for this film. Pawan says ‘my personal life footsteps, thoughts are close to Sanjay Sahu’s role in Jalsa; It is humorous role with full of jokes.’

Saturday, 22 March, 2008

jalsa US schedules

'Jalsa' US Schedules

East Windsor, NJ,Multiplex Cinemas @ Town Center Plaza
Newark, NJ,Newark Screens
Bay Area, CA,Park Theater
Atlanta, GA,Peachtree Cinemas
Detroit, MI,SR Movies Novi Town center 8
Desplaines /, CHICAGO, IL,Desplaines Theaters
Dallas, TX,Touring Talkies,Hollywood Theaters
Virginia, VA,Loehmann Twin Cinemas
Los Angeles, CA,Naz 8 Cinemas
Houston, TX,AMC studio 30
Portland, OR,Cornelius 9 Cinemas
Seattle, WA,Bellevue Galleria Stadium 11
Boston - Belmont, MA,Belmont Theaters
Boston Lowell, MA,Showcase Cinemas Lowell
Connecticut, CT,Parkade Cinemas
New Haven, CT,Cine 4
Minneapolis, MN,Brookdale 8 Cinemas
Indianapolis, IN,Georgetown 14 Cinemas
St Louis, MO,Wehernberg St Charles 18 Stadium Cine
San Diego, CA,Ultrastar 8 Del Mar Highlands
San Diego, CA,,The Edwards 19 Mira Mesa Theaters
Delaware, DE,Cinema Center 3
Columbus, OH,Star Cinemas
DAYTON, OH,Beaver Valley Cinemas
Cincinnati, OH,Danbarry Cincinnati Mills
Cleveland, OH,Parma Theaters
Cary, NC,Galaxy Cinema
Richmond, VA,Commonewealth Theater
Memphis, TN,Forest Hill Cinema 8
Bartlett, TN,Hollywood 20 Cinema
Little Rock, AR,Riverdale 10
Baton Rouge, LA,Grand Cinema
New Orleans, LA,Hollywood Cinemas 9
Lafayette, LA,Celebrity Theaters
Ruston, LA,Celebrity Theaters
Mobile, AL,Hollywood Theaters
Jackson, MS,Malco Grandview Theaters
Tuscallosa, AL,COBB Theaters or Hollywood theaters
Bloomington, IL,The Princess Theater
Peoria, IL,Nova Cinemas (Reynold CInemas)
Milwaukee, WI,Marcus Value Theater
Madison , WI,Westgate Art Cinema
Appleton, WI,Valley Value Cinemas
Chandler , AZ,Valley View Chandler Cinemas
Phoenix, AZ,Harkins Theaters
West Palm Beach, FL,BMC PGA Cinema 6
Orlando, FL,Orlando Theater
Tampa, FL,Muvico 20 @ Centro Ybor
South Florida, FL,Cinema Paradiso
Jacksonville, FL,San Macro Theater
Kansas, KS,West Glen 18 theaters
Arkansas, AR,Malco Sunset Cinema 9
Pittsburgh, PA,Starcity Screenworks
San Antonio, TX,AMC 24 Heubner Oaks
Auston, TX,Cinemark Tinseltown
Elpaso, TX,Elpaso Theater
Alburquerque, NM,Alburquerque Theater
Louisville, KY,Village 8 Theaters
Philadelphis / Phoenixville, PA,Colonial Theater

to book tickets : click here

Arndale Cinemas, Greater Union, Adelaide.

Hollywood Cinema, Avondale, Auckland

to book tickets :click here

HIMALAYA PALACE,12 South Road, UB1 3ET,London
Boleyn Cinema, Eastham,London

to book tickets :click here

The mobile game of Jalsa film was launched

jalsa game wallpaper - download

The mobile game of Jalsa film was launched at a function held at Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad today morning. Incidentally this is the first movie based game in South India. RZ2 Games (Chris Whaley) developed the online version of the game. FX Labs (Sashi Reddy – Aplabs) developed the mobile game.

Chris said that Jalsa game is the best action game he developed so far.

It’s a popcorn economy – Allu Arvind
Speaking on the occasion Allu Arvind said, “Earlier we go to theaters just to watch films. Then the popcorn business was build around watching the film. Then beverages and food industry created a new avenue around the films. Slowly merchandize came in. Home entertainment and satellite rights got big money to film producers. The latest business opportunity is games. The concept of games in less exploited in Indian film industry. Telugu film industry should also test these waters and get benefited by this.”

Telugu film producers counsel president Tammareddy Bharadwaja said, “I get jealous of Allu Arvind and D Suresh Babu because of their business acumen in spotting the new business opportunities to exploit. We have identified 60 avenues to make additional buck to the film industry. I am sure that other producers would take this as inspiration and come forward with games for their films too.”

Allu Arjun said, “I had become actor accidentally. I always wanted to be in the field of animation. I predicted 10 years back that gaming would become big in films too. I am very happy that Geeta arts is taking the initiative in launching the gaming for films.”

Explaining about pricing Allu Sirish said, “The online game is free. But the mobile game is going to cost Rs. 50/- per download. This is a standard rate for mobile download in India. The game can be download across the 42 Big C outlets in the state. Fans and gamers can also download it by messaging JALSA to 56263

Wednesday, 19 March, 2008


Once I heard shooting of pawan kalyan & Ileana in the prasads multiplex at second floor near Scary house.
pawan kalyan is seen in blue shirt with blue Jeans & Ileana is also seen good looking.
(At the shooting pawan kalyan confuses color of the car that
he says to the Ileana)
pawan kalyan plays a role of love doctor who heals the pain of the lovaria people. The film is a romantic Entertainer.
there is lot of scenes which pawan teasing Ileana
I think Ileana is playing the daughter of prakash raj.
There are 5 songs in the film.
There are 4-5 fights in the film.

one fight was at chevela road.
other is rain fight near appartment.

There was a huge pub set song of pawan & parvati
with no of artists.The song was sung by shankar mahadevan.

There is also other song that was sung by baba sehgal.

There is other song also that was released in the admist of fans. The song goes like this...

" kasi vo..nuvvu rakshasi voo... nuvvu preyasi voo...nuvvu na preyasi oopiri lo nannu ullasalo... oohalato nannu lagesi......... "

Another shooting was at gachibowli,with 1000's of artist at some stadium.
other shooting was at talakonda forest near chitoor district.
At last we can see the shooting at secunderabad in classic gardens in this all the cast & crew can be seen
In one scene pawan can be seen kissing Ileana.

Jalsa Story........

Jalsa Story........
pawan chinnathanam lo valla parents money problems tho chanipotharu. appudu naxalites aa child[pk] ni thesukoni velli valla tho patey penchu tharu. kani oka age vachaka pawan ki ardham avuthadi vallu anavasaram ga manushulu pranalu thesthunnaru ani.valla padhathulu pk ki nachadu. aa time lo jump. city ki vasthadu. pk talent ki FM lo jockey ga job vasthadi love guru ga...kamlini n illena frnds.illeana father prakash raj. police. aayanaki naxalites ante pattadu. naxalite hit list lo prakash raj kooda vuntadu.kamalini father mukesh rushi.kamalini deep love with shivaji.valla love ki baga help chesthadu fm lo pawam.oka sari direct ga kalustharu.illi n kamalinee.baga frnds avutharu. illi flat. love story start..comedy start.....etc. interval ki pawan ni prakash ki introduction.prakash ki telusu naxalite ani. illi shock....INTERVAL.

INTERVAL nunchi illi ni convincing [ like princess -bf]. shivaji - kamili marriage. mukesh tho fights.climax lo illi papa ni naxalites kidnap [pj daughter ani] . pk naxalite get up lo velli comedy chesi illi ni save cheyydam...prakash green signal.END. .........

inka parvathi pawan ki fm lo collegue..

Tuesday, 18 March, 2008

Jalsa Music Review

Jalsa Music Review

It is the much awaited audio release for his fans. Three of the film’s songs were released on the Net nearly a week before the audio launch. But that did not whet the audience’s excitement. Instead, it made them more desperate to listen to the entire album consisting nine songs. Geeta Arts specially chose Devisri Prasad to come up with some really sensational music and as always, Devisri does not disappoint. He has what Pawan Kalyan’s fans would love to hear in his film. Read on…


Singers: Baba Sehgal, Rita
Lyricist: Sirivennela

He is the Jackie Chan… he is the king of Andhra… sings Baba Sehgal in this opening track of the album. Baba had sung a song for megastar Chiranjeevi 12 years back for Rickshaavaadu. Then, he crooned Roop tera mastana for his item number. This time around, it is a rap mix about the leading man. Apparently, the rap bits were written by Baba himself and so they fit in perfectly with the song. It is an ideal number to get a feel of what can be expected from the album. Fast and peppy, it is surely going to top the charts for a very, very long time.

My Heart is Beating

Singers: Kay Kay
Lyricist: Sirivennela

This is another experimental number that is highly Westernised. Like quite a few songs in Pawan Kalyan’s films, it is sprinkled with English and Telugu lyrics. Kay Kay gives the playback and he is simply superb as his Telugu diction is perfect, not to forget his English pronunciation. A romantic number, it stands out by not being melodious. Devisri Prasad comes up with something that will get the younger audience grooving.

You & I

Singers: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Sirivennela

This one has Hindi and English lyrics for a change. Devisri Prasad sings Let’s do Balle Balle for another item number which will be ideal for Saturday night dancing at clubs. The lyrics are thought-provoking, but Devisri gives them a wonderful twist by setting them to funky beats. Hakuna Matata (Don’t worry, be happy)!!

Chalo chalo re

Singers: Ranjith
Lyricist: Sirivennela

Devisri uses Ranjith for this number. A solo number, this one’s a super fast song despite the lyrics.

Jennifer Lopez

Singers: Benny, Priya
Lyricist: Rama Jogaiah Sastry

A perfect item song, this one has Benny and Priya giving the playback. The lyricists move past Ramyakrishna and Rambha and go international with this one. So we have the girl being compared to Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Shakira in keeping with the times. Another song that will take you to the dance floor within seconds, it is bound to bounce to the top of the charts within no time.

Gallo thelinattunde

Singers: Tippu, Gopika Poornima
Lyricist: Bhaskar Bhatla

Tippu, who is fast becoming the hot choice for fast songs, sings this one along with Gopika Poornima. This is another number that is bound to go really with both the urban and rustic masses. Just don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes on before listening to this one!

Chalo chalo re (Hindi)

Singers: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Raquib Alam

It is essentially a Hindi version of the earlier song. Raquib Alam pens the lyrics for this one though.

My Heart is Beating (Remix)

Singers: Kay Kay
Lyricist: Sirivennela

This is a much softer version of the earlier jazzy version, sung again by Kay Kay. It is wonderful to hear him singing both the versions.

Jalsa (The Devi Mix)

Singers: Baba Sehgal, Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Bhaskar Bhatla

It is a club mix of the title track! Devisri Prasad and Baba Sehgal sing this DJ mix in perfect tandem.

It is an album that you must add to your basket as it is peppy and just perfect to get you into the boogie woogie mode. Yes, Devisri Prasad, does it again!!

'Jalsa' to release on Chirutha's b'day!?

'Jalsa' to release on Chirutha's b'day!?

Good news for all the mega fans. It is time for to have 'jalsa' for them. According to our sources, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s most ambitious and eagerly waited flick, Jalsa, might release a day before than the earlier date. According to our sources, producer Allu Aravind is planning to release the film on March 27th, earlier than the original release date (March 28th).

The reason why Allu Aravind wants to release it on 27th is to coincide it with megastar's son Ram Charan's birthday. If Jalsa comes on Chirutha's birthday, it will be double treat for mega fans. That is why Allu Aravind is pressurizing his technical teat to fasten the work to make it for that day, sources informed.

Jalsa's new funda promos!

Jalsa's new funda promos!

Every time a film gets released the movie buffs associated with the film come out with some creative ideas to increase the hype of the film by a few notches. The same is the case with Geeta Arts Banner who are soon to come out with their much-hyped 'Jalsa' featuring Pawan Kalyan and his three heroines Ileana, Parvathi Melton and Kamalini Mukherjee.

Trivikram takes the director's chair for this film and Allu Aravind dons the producers cap. The misic of Devi Sri Prasad graces the film through out.

'Jalsa' has hit the news stands for various novel ideas in gaining the public attention. Their latest technique is that Geeta Arts Banner has come out with a seven-and-a-half-feet standee of Pawan Kalyan. Gita Arts has released more than 1000 standees and they will soon appear in all theatres, malls, and ares frequented by the public. The banner people say that the kids will enjoy to see the standee of Pawan. Sure seems like a crowd puller.

These kinds of novel plans usually are employed by the Hollywood and Bollywood fraternity. This is a first of its kind introduction in the Telugu cinema world.

'Jalsa' is all set to hit theatres by the last week of this month, and by the hype going around it sure seems to make a big impact at the Tollywood box office.

Sunday, 16 March, 2008

jalsa to release in 1000 theatres

Jalsa' release confirmed on Mar 28th

Putting an end to speculations slight delay in the release of most-awaited movie in this season, Jalsa, the producers have confirmed the release date. This Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram's big budgeted flick will hit the screens on March 28th in almost 1000 theatres across the globe.

As the inside talk is highly positive, buyers are gung ho about it and pressurizing the producer to hand over them prints on 27th morning itself so that they can screen in rural areas from the night 9pm shows on 27th.

Its music composed by Devi Sri Prasad has already been topping the chartbusters and is reportedly played across FM channels on record number of times.

jalsa wallpapers new (one leg up )

download wp1 wp2 wp3 wp4 wp5 wp6 wp7 wp8 wp9 wp10 wp11 wp12 wp13 wp14 wp15 one leg up one legup2 pavan and heroins..

Mahesh voice over for Jalsa?

Mahesh voice over for Jalsa?
14th March 2008

Pawan Kalyan's JALSA is undoubtedly the most anticipated and talked about film. Coming in the combination of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas, the film is packing up with excellent entertainment. Audio of the film that released recently is on the top of the charts. Expectations are only increasing with each special snippet coming out about the film. The latest we hear is that voice over (voice in the background) in the film is done by none other than Mahesh Babu. If this is true, then it is truly sensational. And those dialogs are also very powerful. Ofcourse, coming from the pen of Trivikram, one cannot expect anything less. If sources are to be believed, the dialogs that are narrated by Mahesh are kind of related to a war and winner.

Of late, there is news making circles that Jalsa is postponed to April 4th. However, that is not true and the film is all gearing up to hit the screens on 28th of March, is what we hear. There is some part pending with Pawan Kalyan's dubbing and that seems to be completed today. And the film will go to the censor very shortly. The wait will be over in another 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 12 March, 2008

JALSA creates Histroy in TV TRP ratings

JALSA creates Histroy in TV TRP ratings

According to the latest reports on television by TAM, the live broadcast on Friday the 29th, 2008 and subsequent repeat telecasts on the weekend have garnered the highest TRPs on TV for a film-based event in recent times.

For the first time the four heroes from the mega family – Megastar Chiranjeevi, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun and Ram Charan Tej have shared the dais. The event was covered live by all the four major news channels namely TV9, ETV2, NTV and TV5. The live coverage on the three news networks garnered 8.79 TRPs (excluding ETV2, which gave partial live coverage). MaaTV broadcasted it the very night for 95 minutes and registered a TRP of 10.43. On the first day the event garnered 19.22 TRPs across networks. The event was aired on Gemini Television and a repeat on MaaTV during the weekend taking to the total TRP tally to 27.75. This excludes the TRPs generated by the event when telecasted on the cable channels and other GECs (general entertainment channel) that aired the event Monday onwards.

Like the grand success of the audio function, the craze of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and chartbusting music of Devi Sri Prasad have ensured Jalsa reaches the top spot in the market in terms of sales. Aditya Music have released the music of Jalsa into the market on the 1st of March 2008. Jalsa is the forthcoming summer blockbuster made by Trivikram Srinivas, who directed Nuvve Nuvve and Athadu in the past. Allu Arvind produces this film on Geetha Arts banner. Geetha Arts wish to thank MaaTV for providing the equipment and technical expertise in covering this event and making it available across all television networks

Saturday, 8 March, 2008



As you all knew, Tolly 2 Holly Acquired the overseas rights of Pawan Kalyan & Trivirkam’s much awaited film JALSA. Tolly 2 Holly Never published business Status for their earlier movies. As we are getting lot of calls requesting business status, for the first time we are going against our interest by honoring their Request.

JALSA is proving the stamina of Overseas Business especially with the Craze of PAWAN KALYAN & TRIVIKRAM.


* JALSA IS going to be released with 18+ prints only in USA.
* JALSA releasing with Highest Number of Shows for first week JALSA is releasing in NJ with 2 Prints for the first time in Tollywood history.
* JALSA Simultaneous release in UK, Dubai, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia.
* Most of the business closed prior to 3 weeks release (within 3 weeks of announcement)
* ADITYA music got their investment within a Day after the AUDIO release.
* Planning for Premier shows in all the centers.


TOLLY 2 HOLLY thanks all its exhibitors for having their faith and buying rights. Special Thanks to TRIVIKRAM, PAWAN KALYAN & ALLU ARAVIND

Lets make this movie a BLOCKBUSTER and give life to Overseas Business.


Business Closed for Below Centers

NEW JERSEY (2 Prints)
San Jose
Los Angeles (All Locations)
San Diego
Ohio (All Centers)
San Antonio
Christi Elpaso
Albuquerque, NM
Baton rogue

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St Louis

Saturday, 1 March, 2008

Jalsa movie 25 mobile sing tones

Jalsa movie 25 mobile sing tones
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gallo, gallo theli , chalore, jalsa remix,
jennifer ,
my heart, heart, title , u and i,
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chalore, gallo, jalsa remix,
jennifer, my heart, myheart, tilte, u n i,

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(Artist(s): Baba Sehgal, Rita
Lyricist: Sirivennela )

(Artist(s): Kay Kay
Lyricist: Sirivennela )

(Artist(s): Ranjith
Lyricist: Sirivennela )

(Artist(s): Tippu, Gopika Poornima
Lyricist: Bhaskar Bhatla )

(Artist(s): Benny, Priya
Lyricist: Rama Jogaiah Sastry )

6. YOU & I
(Artist(s): Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Sirivennela )

(Artist(s): Baba Sehgal, Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Bhaskar Bhatla )

(Artist(s): Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist: Raquib Alam )

(Artist(s): Kay Kay
Lyricist: Sirivennela )

Friday, 29 February, 2008



part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6 part7 part8 part9 part10 part11 part12 part13 part14 part15 part16 part17

Music launch - Jalsa

The music of Pawan Kalyan’s latest film Jalsa was launched with a great fanfare amidst fans at function organized in Taramati Baradari (Golkonda) amphitheater. Four heroes from Chiranjeevi family - Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan Teja and Allu Arjun were invited as the guests.

The other guests include Ileana, Parvati Melton, Sukumar, Dil Raju, Seenu Vytla, Rasool Ellore, Devi Sri Prasad etc.

Chiranjeevi launched the audio.

Ali and Sunil anchored the event. Aditya music bought the audio rights.

Speaking on the occasion Ram Charan Teja said, “I felt bad when three tunes of Jalsa were illegally released on internet. But I waited till today for the official release and listened to the songs. The songs are fantastic. I loved the poster design in which Pawan Kalyan lifts his leg.”


Pawan Kalyan is a real life hero - Trivikram
Trivikram Srinivas said, “Devi Sri Prasad gave extraordinary music. I just narrated him the story and he got into the character of Pawan Kalyan in Jalsa film to come up with superb music. He made me listen the title song of Jalsa on phone. I am very happy with Pawan Kalyan and I want to do another film. Pawan Kalyan is a hero in real life too. I learnt a few things from him as a person.”


The story is developed from a small character - Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan said, “Trivikram met me when I was shooting for Bangaram film. It all started with a small character and an incident. And it led to a complete story. He wanted to make a film with me. I liked Trivikram’s humor and working style. We became friends in real life too. Telugu film industry needs many more directors of Trivikram type.”


The next generation will lead us - Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi said, “I acted in many films produced by Allu Arvind. But Geeta arts never did such a fabulous audio function for any of my films like they are doing today for Jalsa. The reason for that is Allu Arvind’s 3rd son Allu Sirish. He completed his degree in visual media course. He has innovative ideas. I am happy that the next generation Ram Charan Teja, Allu Arjun and Allu Sirish are leading the way. We are only happy to follow younger generation as they lead. The producer has one even shown me a single frame of the film and they are very confident of the film’s success. Devi Sri Prasad’s music in Jalsa is full of josh. Everybody is waiting for a good film from Pawan Kalyan. Like any Pawan Kalyan fan, I am also expecting this film to become a big hit."

The fans were entertained with dances by various artists for Jalsa song during the music launch.

Tailpiece: For the first time, a Telugu film function is telecasted live in four Telugu news channels (TV9, TV5, E TV and NTV) and one Hindi Channel (Aaj Tak).



Thursday, 28 February, 2008

music launch

music launch
Megastar Chiranjeevi, Naga Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram Srinivas, Ramcharan, Allu Arjun, Ileana, Parvati Melton, Brahmanandam, Baba Sehgal, Rasool, Navadeep, Srinu Vaitla, Dhil Raju, Bhogavalli Prasad and others were called on the dias. Ali and Sunil are anchoring the event. Pawan Kalyan is casting short hair, thick and long moustache.

Brahmanandam: Combination of so many stalwarts and intellectuals. It will become super duper hit of the year. It was all Jalsa on the sets and did not feel like work. There is lot of laughter and Pawan Kalyan's power also in the film. I am happy that I got a chance to participate in this function. I am happy to see Padmabushan Dr. Chiranjeevi attending the function. I wish the film would run 365 days, said Brahmanandam.

Parvanti Melton: I am very happy to be here. The turn out is amazing. It is really wonderful experience working for Jalsa. I am honored to be among so many stalwarts. Jalsa will be something you wont forget and you will enjoy.

Ramcharan: I felt bad to hear that the songs came on the net before the release of the audio. But I did not hear the audio and waited till date to hear the songs. The songs are rocking. Thank you, Devisri.

8:35 PM
Megastar Chiranjeevi released the audio.

8:38 PM
Pawan Kalyan: Salutations to every one. We will speak after the release of the film.

He closed with that. Ali comments that Pawan would have spoke for 15 to 20 minutes if Chiru was not there. It is out of respect that he is speechless. Pursues Pawan to talk.

Pawan continues.'Trivikram narrated the line during the making of Bangaram. our frequencies matched and we became good friends even in real life. I wish that more directors like him come into the industry.'

Megastar Chiranjeevi: I am impressed with the arrangments and turnout. I acted in so many Geeta Arts films. He never organized any of my film's audio at this level. I thought Trivikram would be the hand behind this grand function. But I know him and he is not the kind of guy who demands spending lot of money for anything other than film producton. Will it be Allu Aravind? I dont think so. He will spend any money on production but not anything other than that. Pawan is always away from these kind of functions. It is Allu Sirish who planned all this. Now it is the young generation and I guess we will follow their lead.

Even if the film comes out average, the fans are ready to make it bigger hit than Kushi. We all know this. But rest assured, the film has come out great. Every one is confident about the film. Devisri Prasad gave songs in full josh. Kalyan is also expecting a lot from this film. He told me that he is very confident after seeing the rush. I am sure that this film will entertain you all. It is wonderful that Baba Sehgal is here. I am thankful to him. We will talk about my film and my plans later on. I myself am not decided if there is going to be another film or if so when? So we will defer the discussion to later on.

8:48 PM
Ali requests photo session with Chiru, Pawan, Charan, Allu Arjun, Naga Babu and Allu Aravind. Stay tuned for more coverage to continue. Detailed writeup and pictures will follow.

Jalsa' audio at Taramati Baradari

Pawan Kalyan’s much awaited film 'Jalsa' is scheduled for a summer release. As we had reported earlier, the film’s audio release function is being held on February 29.

The venue selected is Taramati Baradari as it would be ideal for the innumerable number of fans who would be attending the function to catch a glimpse of their favourite star.

Devisri Prasad has composed the music.

A couple of songs have already been out on the Net, so the enthusiasm has increased among Pawan’s fans. Aditya Music is marketing the audio.

The film is being produced by Allu Arvind under the Geeta Arts banner. So, the event is expected to be a star-studded mega event.

However, there is much speculation as to whether the megastar Chiranjeevi would attend the function among his fans.

Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Jalsa’ poster release

Director Trivikram’s much-hyped flick ‘Jalsa’ has released a poster today, much to the relief of Pawan Kalyan’s fans. The music launch of the same film will take place on the 29th of this month.

The poster flashes a very smartly dressed Pawan Kalyan in grey sweaters and faded jeans with coolers to match. He looks like an embodiment of the youth icon that he is very much. The posters of this film have been available in the market from today morning and they are selling like hot cookies.

The fans of Pawan are ready to get a hand at their hero’s poster paying even a couple of hundreds. The posters are available for at the audio stores for Rs. 15/. ‘Jalsa’ from the beginning has been a much-awaited film of sorts. The name ‘Jalsa’ is painted in bold red script across the poster.

This film sees Pawan Kalyan and Ileana in the lead role with Parvati Melton and Kamalini Mukherjee adding a dash of glamour to the film. For all the fans of Pawan Kalyan this is a die hard film to watch for because Pawan is getting back after a hiatus through this film.

Also, check out the ‘Jalsa’ posters featuring Pawan Kalyan first only on Indiaglitz.

'Jalsa' to release with maximum prints abroad

America, UK, Singapore, Dubai, Canada, Malaysia, Australia… 'Jalsa', say the Geeta Arts reps will be the first Telugu film that will release with the maximum number of prints in all the above mentioned countries.

The film too has been made on a very huge budget. Apparently, the house set has been erected with Rs 1 crore and a set for a song has been put up with Rs 70 lakh.

Given that the music is already a rage, after the songs had been leaked on to the Net, there are high expectations from the film.

Another highlight, say the makers, is the presence of three heroines opposite Pawan Kalyan.

Wednesday, 27 February, 2008

jalsa to have 9 songs

jalsa wallpapers released (idlebrain.com)
Audio to release on 29th feb..total 9 songs

jalsa trailer

jalsa trailer

click here

Tuesday, 19 February, 2008

Tolly 2 Holly WANTS everyone to have “” JALSA “” this summer

Tolly 2 Holly WANTS everyone to have “” JALSA “” this summer

After the recent Blockbuster KRISHNA, T2H acquired the entire overseas distribution and DVD rights of TRIVIKRAM’s latest directorial venture JALSA starring Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Heartthrob Ileana, Kamilini and Parvati Melton.

TRIVIKRAM is confident of scoring a HATRICK with Pawan’s JALSA after his earlier hits ATHADU & NUVVE NUVVE. PAWAN is confident to hit the bull’s eye this time. His Recent Photos flashes the days of KUSHI and we are positive that JALSA surpass our expectations. Brahmandam is having a very good length role similar to the roles he portrayed in Trivikram earlier Films.

Devisri tunes (Internet leaked) already created ripples all over and sure that its going to be a STUPENDOUS HIT of the YEAR.


JALSA on 20th march

JALSA has completed its entire shooting part and even dubbing is completed.
Right now only part of re-recording and mixing are pending, which will be done by end of this month and first copy will be ready in march 1st week.

Keeping in view of school and college exams and also bunny's movie coming up in april 2nd week, producer has decided to release JALSA by 20th march.